Exciting Day!

As some of you know, I have not been able to promote my book due to my wife’s cancer treatments done in December. She is now in remission and does not have another check-up until July. Of course this is the most exciting news of the day!!

More exciting news is about my book. Most of you know I spoke in Columbus at the Ohio School Board Conference (OSBA) in November. My evaluations were so good for this event, Mr. Lewis, the executive director for the OSBA has contacted me and asked me to be the keynote speaker on April 29 at the School Board Member Leadership conference. Maybe I’ll see some of you there. They have also asked me to do a state tour over the summer and go to each of the five regions in Ohio. I will not only be talking about the book, but also about the process that we have developed at Clermont Northeastern (CNE) to stretch the tax payer’s dollar.

There is a national educational magazine, The District Administrator, that has contacted me about doing an article, which will then be distributed to most school districts across this country. This excites me, because the main reason I wrote the book is so other financially strapped districts can benefit from some of the things we are doing at CNE to stretch the tax payer’s dollars.

I also just got off the phone with Danny Bubp, our state representative, who I gave a book to a couple weeks ago when I ran into him at Sam’s Club. He liked the book and has asked me to come to Columbus to discuss the book and the process in front of a financial committee made up of other representatives from around Ohio. He also said he would be giving Governor Kasich a copy of my book. I hope he likes it as well as Mr. Bubp did. It’s exciting to think that a hog farmer from Pike county Ohio may play a small role in helping Governor Kasich and his 8 billion dollar deficit he just inherited.

One more exciting thing for the day. I was contacted today by Matt Earley, my high school principal. He ran into Bill Cunningham from WLW last night at a Xavier basketball game. I have been interviewed by Bill on two different occasions. Matt mentioned my book and Bill remembered me and has invited me, the Dumpster Diving Superintendent as he calls me, to be on his show next week. We will let you know what day and time the interview will take place on 700 WLW.

What a day? I am so blessed. Candy and I would greatly appreciate any postings from any of you that have already read our book.

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Ohio School Board Member Comments after April 29 Keynote Speaking Engagements

Keynote with Neil Leist
*Very nice presentation of how to save money and build relationships.
*Makes sense.
*Great ideas, enjoyable. Need more out-of-the-box thinking like this.
*Excellent, very motivational.
*Enjoyed comments and presentation.
*Most interesting and informative. A real go-getter.
*He was awesome.
*So inspirational.
*His methods were great and very profitable for his school. What I thought most valuable was his “I can do attitude.”
*Very nice.
*Excellent Presentation.
*Some good ideas.
*Motivator on thinking creatively. Good to focus on what we can do and not accepting financial contributions.
*Great, fantastic speaker.
*Very engaging speaker. Also very timely information.
*Good speaker.
*Very entertaining but with a serious message on passion and commitment to our community.
*Good speaker.
*I bought his book.
*His point was well received.
*Good information.
*Outstanding, loved hearing true tales from the trenches.
*Great motivation for developing resources.
*Offered several innovative ideas for school districts.
*Interesting concept.
*Good information presented well. He needed more time.
*Loved his been there done that examples.
*Interesting concept.
*A common sense, no nonsense approach with practical, everyday real-life examples and applications.
*Innovative, out of the box.
*Great out-of-the-box thinking. If my administration does not seek out these ideas for the district and children, I will.
*Fascinating, educational, funny, great speaker.
*Great job. Good speaker.
*Fantastic information. Need him to speak in each region of Ohio.
*Outstanding story.
*Good ideas, especially with all the shared services thrust. The old adage “one person’s junk is another person’s treasure.”

Comments from Ohio School Board Members After November Speaking Engagements


  • Very interesting and intriguing. Keep up the good work.
  • Good practical information. Will try to put many ideas into practice.
  • Wow, outstanding.
  • Good ideas. Wish more superintendents were like you.
  • Good information – out of the box.
  • Exactly!
  • He has done a fantastic job for his district and has given several tips for saving money.
  • Love the concept of running a district like a business. Great ideas.
  • Great presentation. Good practical ideas.
  • Great presentation. Wonderful ideas that can be used right away.
  • Great ideas.
  • Impressive, I love it.
  • Great job.
  • Outstanding – thanks.
  • Excellent information.
  • Informative