January 16, 2012

Going Home!!!!

I have recently accepted a job to go "back home" where my educational career started. The Eastern Local school board in Beaver, Ohio asked me to come back home and try to duplicate the process that my administrative team, school board and I put together at Clermont Northeastern School (CNE). This process not only helped CNE financially, but has also helped the educational process and many students in the district have benefited through work force development, internship and job shadowing. This process has gained national attention and enabled my wife and I to write a book. Although the map has been created, duplicating this process will take some time due to the rural area surrounding Eastern Local School district. I am looking forward to this great challenge and feel I have a great school board and administrative team to get this process started. If we can accomplish this at Eastern, it can be done anywhere in the United States to benefit schools financially and help students get their foot in the door for job opportunities.

President Bill Clinton and I on MSNBC discussing how education needs to be more aligned with work force development and job readiness. Click on the link below to view.


September 5, 2011

Ohio School Board Member Comments after April 29 Keynote Speaking Engagements

Ohio School Board
Leadership Institute
April 29, 2011

Keynote with Neil Leist

*Very nice presentation of how to save money and build relationships.
*Makes sense.
*Great ideas, enjoyable. Need more out-of-the-box thinking like this.
*Excellent, very motivational.
*Enjoyed comments and presentation.
*Most interesting and informative. A real go-getter.
*He was awesome.
*So inspirational.
*His methods were great and very profitable for his school. What I thought most valuable was his "I can do attitude."
*Very nice.
*Excellent Presentation.
*Some good ideas.
*Motivator on thinking creatively. Good to focus on what we can do and not accepting financial contributions.
*Great, fantastic speaker.
*Very engaging speaker. Also very timely information.
*Good speaker.
*Very entertaining but with a serious message on passion and commitment to our community.
*Good speaker.
*I bought his book.
*His point was well received.
*Good information.
*Outstanding, loved hearing true tales from the trenches.
*Great motivation for developing resources.
*Offered several innovative ideas for school districts.
*Interesting concept.
*Good information presented well. He needed more time.
*Loved his been there done that examples.
*Interesting concept.
*A common sense, no nonsense approach with practical, everyday real-life examples and applications.
*Innovative, out of the box.
*Great out-of-the-box thinking. If my administration does not seek out these ideas for the district and children, I will.
*Fascinating, educational, funny, great speaker.
*Great job. Good speaker.
*Fantastic information. Need him to speak in each region of Ohio.
*Outstanding story.
*Good ideas, especially with all the shared services thrust. The old adage "one person's junk is another person's treasure."

August 21, 2011

Comments from Ohio School Board Members After November Speaking Engagements

·         Very interesting and intriguing. Keep up the good work.
·         Good practical information. Will try to put many ideas into practice.
·         Wow, outstanding.
·         Good ideas. Wish more superintendents were like you.
·         Good information – out of the box.
·         Exactly!
·         He has done a fantastic job for his district and has given several tips for saving money.
·         Great.
·         Love the concept of running a district like a business. Great ideas.
·         Great presentation. Good practical ideas.
·         Great presentation. Wonderful ideas that can be used right away.
·         Great ideas.
·         Excellent.
·         Impressive, I love it.
·         Great job.
·         Outstanding – thanks.
·         Excellent information.
·         Informative – more visuals.
·         Too bad we can get voters to spend millions for sports stadiums in Cincinnati, but have to resort to the thrift way for public schools.
·         Super – wonderful ideas and very humorous.
·         Outstanding.
·         Great presentation.
·         Best program ever.
·         Moderator comments: great session.

July 19, 2011

MSNBC Appearance, August 9 at 10 am

I received a phone call yesterday after my appearance on Fox & Friends from Michele, the executive producer for MSNBC morning news shows out of New York. She was working out on her treadmill and happened to be watching Fox & Friends the same time I was on. She said she was so impressed that she called and inviting me to appear on the Chris Jansing show, Jansing and Co. It airs every week day from 10-11. They are doing a special on August 9 on SAVING AMERICAN SCHOOLS. I told her I would be honored to appear on her show. Tune in at 10 am on August 9th.